List of best three power banks which comes with 40,000mah or more capacity!

To make your device charged and stay on, the gadget you require is the power banks. Power banks basically stores the electrical energy by which you can charge your external devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, MP3, and many other electronic gadgets. For laptops, you need a high capacity power bank. Here we have listed few power banks which come with 40,000 mAh battery capacity which keeps you connected with your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets for longer duration.


Lizone Extra Pro USB Power bank

Lizone Extra Pro USB Power bank device is equipped with metallic body having aluminum chassis coating giving a premium look to the device. This power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery having 40,000mAh battery capacity which delivers amazing battery backup. You can buy this gadget from the Indian market at 13,300INR price, and in the international market this device will cost you $200.

You can buy this gadget from the online market as well as from the offline market in Silver color option. This gadget offers 1.5 years warranty. Lizone power bank measures the dimensions as 6.5-inches length, 4.8-inches width, and 0.8-inches height. Apart from this, the device comes with 1.9 pounds weight. This power bank is powered by Liz One technology having DC port with 90W/ 4.5A and an USB port with 2.1A

BiXPower BP160

BiXPower BP 160 power bank device is measured as 10.6-inches height, 5.7-inches width, and 1.3-inches thickness along with high weight. The device is powered by Li-Ion Panasonic battery which delivers amazing battery backup with its high capacity of 44,000mAh battery capacity. This gadget comes with the 14,000INR price in the Indian market and $210 in the international market. It has the ability to keep your tablet, laptop, smartphones stay ON for long duration.

This power bank is compatible with Laptops, notebooks, and other devices which require 18V to 20V power.  With the market already filled with high battery size smartphones, the need of a high sized powerbank is still felt even with phones with 4000 mAh battery or of similar size as with the OnePlus 4. The device comes with 5V USB port which you can use the port to charge smaller devices including mp3 player and smartphone. The device is equipped with more than 18 connectors by which you can charge more than one external device together. Apart from this, the device is equipped with LED Light which will alert you about the leftover battery.

MAXOAK Power Bank

Maxoak power bank measures the dimensions as 8.1-inch length, 5.3-inch width, and 1.3-inch thickness along with 1.8 pounds weight. The MaxOak power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery having 50,000mAh battery capacity which can charge Laptops, Notebooks and other external devices easily without creating any issues.

This device comes with a price of $136 in the international market whereas you can buy this gadget from the Indian market as well with a price of 9,000INR. This power bank is equipped with 11 connectors by which you can connect various external devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The device comes with 6 output ports having 20V/3A, 12V/2.5A, two 5V/2.1A ports, and two 5V/1A ports. Apart from this, the device comes with four LED indicators which will tell you regarding the remaining battery.

The best of the beard trimmers to keep you well-groomed 24×7!

Beards have hardly ever been further recognized and in fashion, and the shaving tools producers and manufacturers provide a large variety of products and tools for maintaining the overall facial hair in appropriate shape. In actual fact, a lot of trimmers go further the general beard or mustache shaping, providing the essential tools to shred as well as shape the overall hair on the face.

However, the complication might give rise to confusion, therefore the rankings and ratings envelop a range of choices that offer an answer to just about all the male hair-trimming requirements. The sole question now remains that which among the offered top units matches your personal requirements in the best possible manner. Apart from these trimmers, we have also provided the nose hair trimmer reviews so that if you need one, you make the best choice!

Andis Professional Outliner II Personal Trimmer

The Andis Personal Trimmer is a tool of strangeness as it is not a cordless trimmer. A few people find this as a drawback, but the great benefit is that until the time you’ve access to electricity, it never goes out of power. Provided that its blades are really razor-sharp, it shreds quickly – according to some – to employ as a blade. But, the owners do confess that this is going to take a bit of being used to.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

Subsequent to 8 hours of seamless charging, the Philips Norelco 3100 gives out 90 minutes of trimming and shaping time. That may seem to resemble a deprived figure, but as most people keep charging their trimmers while sleeping, it shouldn’t naturally be a trouble. The majority of owners feedback its performance as sufficient, if not chiefly striking, but some of them who have tough hair assert it’s below par. However, the positive owners assert that it gets the job done!

 Panasonic ER Cordless Moustache & Beard Trimmer

Panasonic states that this beard trimmer has the capability to be fully charged within an hour and is going to then work for at least 50 minutes. The opening charge from fresh is a fair deal extensive, and real operating time differs based on how strong the hair are, but the majority of owners seem contented by this unit’s output. In the cordless use, it’s water-resistant enough that it is able to be utilized in the shower. An adaptable trimmer, the Panasonic might be utilized dry or along with a shaving gel. A lot of people are content with the trimming it offers, but some say that it draws their hair on some occasions.

The best of the home robots to sweep all the dirt of your house!

Are you tired of doing the customary household works and tasks by your own self? An exquisite home robot might be exactly what you desire to get rid of all those hassles. There exists a quickly enhancing and swelling collection of robots obtainable from the market by now, counting a broad diversity of robotic vacuums and robotic pool sweepers. You are going to discover other choices as well, like the particular floor cleaning robots and drain cleaning robot vacuums.


Go through the supplementary home robotics for further picks and selections. For all those who want to buy these home robots, we have aligned some alternatives that you may consider before leaving for the market. Along with those, the people who love being outside can also have a look at the best of hammock stand reviews that are capable of making your outdoor trip even more relaxing.

ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner cleans up dirt and the garbage and sweeps solid wooden floors. An influential motor fetches even the slightest pieces of trash on max setting. Additional features comprise of the capability to robotically shut-down and recharge even as curtailing the operating noise. A slim structure helps this vacuum to slide below the sofas, beds, and added furniture devoid of any kind of hassle.

Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

A preference in between the eco as well as the turbo modes permits you to select whether you desire an elongated yet calm cleaning period or the one that offers the maximum amount of strength. The turbo mode makes sure the most hair lifting, standing it as a solid option for the homes having pets.

 iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

You would not need to worry regarding hiking up on the shimmy ladder to clear your gutters credit to this useful gutter sweeping robot. The robot is fairly miniature, making a bit below two inches in height and three inches in breadth, and has a Li-ion battery for nonstop sessions of cleaning. Further specs comprise of a suitable cleaning method and one four-stage cleaning procedure that efficiently scoop up and eliminate gutter garbage.

LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum

An entire sum of seven distinct cleaning methods makes sure that this robotic vacuum is going to systematically sweep your living area. The vacuum has been intended with a mapping process that instructs it regarding the home’s outline or the layout and automatically adapts to a variety of floors. The incorporated battery provides above 1.5 hours of processing time.

3 of the most innovative star wars kitchen gadgets on sale!

Experience the coolest of kitchen gadgets out there in the market for all the Star Wars lovers and the admirers. There is each and every kind of innovative and fresh thought Star Wars kitchen gadgets obtainable, varying from the only one of its kind ice cube trays to the cute measuring cups or mugs and the best of them all being the Darth Vader Toaster. Yes, you read it right; you will now be able to prepare your personal and individual Star Wars toasts! A few of these kitchen gadgets are specially meant for Star Wars collectors exclusively, whilst the others are also meant for the people who are casual Star Wars admirers or fans.


So, hurry up and collect them all, to deck your kitchen with these amazing as well as trendy Star Wars kitchen gadgets on sale. Along with these, you might also go through the gas ranges reviews, in case you are willing to buy one on this sale season. Now, without more to-dos, below are the top 3 and the trendiest Star Wars kitchen gadgets in the market.

Star Wars Silicone Ice Tray Set

For all those people who love making drinks and smoothies for themselves, having ice in-store is a must. So you may as well be utilizing this amazing Star Wars-based silicone ice cube plates to making ice in the freezer. All these silicone ice trays might also be utilized for baking as well as chocolate preparing. Enjoying your ice tea with a few Storm Trooper ice cubes is a really fun activity. You may also purchase a Death Star ice cube pattern, sold individually.

Darth Vader Toaster

The Darth Vader toaster prepares the best toast by means of the Star Wars logo imprinted across the center of the bread, so you might talk about the innovative Star Wars trilogy whilst you enjoy your breakfast. The toaster is an excellent duplication of the Darth Vader’s head covering. And even though you aren’t able to actually keep it on your head, it is an excellent addition to the Star Wars kitchen you possess.

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

There are also with authorization certified Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks obtainable from the market. Whether you desire the Darth Vader’s red, Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber, or the Yoda’s green lightsaber, there exists a duo of lightsaber chopsticks for each and every Star Wars lover. These chopsticks are the best Star Wars presents or gifts, and whoever possesses them is going to surely order sushi only because they want to use these and flaunt them.

Tips to save money on your next salon visit!

Many people think that spending lots of money in the beauty and grooming services is quite expensive but there is another way out that is spending money on your personal and natural appearance can save you lots of money. Looking good and handsome helps to build up your self-confidence which in turn helps you in getting the promotion or it will pick you up in the eyes of the beholder. Spending money in grooming will little bit cost you high but if you maintain yourself then you will look good as well as help you in maintaining your finances. Here we have commuted few tips which will help you save money.

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Loyalty programs and Packages

Using coupons and packages you can save lots of money as it is the easiest way to save lots of money. All you have to aware of the coupons, special packages, and deals. There are various salons which offer discounts to their loyal customers whereas there are various salons which offer discounts for their first-time visitors. Many of the salons offer various deals and packages which let you save money on various services. There are various salons which offer the half-day beauty service or a day of beauty which delivers multiple services including the haircuts, facials, and other makeover services.

Dealing sites

There are various websites present online which offers coupons and deals. You can see the advertisements of the deals and coupons in the newspapers as well as on the online websites. The websites which offer coupons and deals are dealing sites such as Groupon, Living Social, and other websites which help you saving money on the beauty services. All you have to keep watching the coupons and deals that they provide.

Buy quality products

Instead of going to the salons for shampooing and hair coloring, you can purchase the high-quality color products and keep it in your cabinet as a stock. But before purchasing any hair color, make sure that the hair color you purchase must match with your hair type, which will not only help you in your hair color but it will also help you maintaining the strength of your hair.

Before Shampoo

Many salons charge for the shampooing before hair cut or after the hair cut, so before arriving at the salon, go for shampooing your hair first and skip shampooing on salon which will not only save your money but you can use your own shampoo product. .

The finest and efficient lawn mowers for making your backyard look orderly!

It is that period of the year all over again while the weather conditions are changing, the joggers are outside in the parks, and, unluckily, your lawn is growing. That signifies you feel the requirement of a lawn mower. But shredding your lawn doesn’t need to be a tough task, as there are several excellent push-driven lawn mowers on for the best discounts. If you possess a small to average size garden or lawn, you’re will not need to purchase a lawn mower at all. The further efficient equipment might be to catch hold a fine push lawn shredder that you might effortlessly maneuver in the region of your backyard. Being concerned about your lawn is significant, as you like your house to glance the finest it probably should.

lawn mowers

Therefore, below we are presenting some of the finest lawn mowers for your garden which are ubder the sale radar these days.

Husqvarna Gas Powered Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna presents a 21-inch razor blade, and a Briggs and Stratton 140cc tank engine. Similar to the GreenWorks lawn mower in our list, the Husqvarna lawn mower also contains 3-in-1 cutting kind potential for side expulsion, back bag and mulching. It is a competent lawn mower with 2.9 horsepower push mower through offering a solid design, and furthermore has elevated wheels so that it might simply maneuver in tense places. In addition, it also contains a foldable lever that folds over so that you may simply carry it in a case or slighter than usual car. The Husqvarna lawn mower is the best for lawns with average dimensions or size.

GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower

The GreenWorks offers a long-lasting hard cutting deck that makes the job be completed faster and even more professionally than the majority of mowers. It also comprises of a trait that gives away multiple choices for grass cutting from different capabilities and utilities. It’s perfect for small to average gardens or yards, and it is going to breeze all throughout your yard pretty fast as well as quietly. The hard-wearing steel deck is corrosion resistant. The elevation is adaptable with a sole lever, and the info that it doesn’t need any gas intends that you might stock it all throughout the winter devoid of worrying about preservation problems. Equipment that you must also consider for your yard is the cordless hedge trimmer which is easily available for purchase.

Worx Cordless Lawn Mower

The Worx lawn mower can shred nearly 6,000 square feet on a solitary charge, and it seems excellent doing it. The shredding height is adaptable, and it is simple to maneuver all over the yard credit to its solid structure and light weight. It also has a detachable battery for suitable charging in any place.


Check out the finest electric clothing dryers 2016 – 2017

The household daily works, as tiring, as they are, are a requirement in almost everyone’s existence. Whilst some tasks are further pleasurable than others, there are a few things that might assist to make any work seem more manageable. Spend your money on appliances that are efficient routinely complete your home tasks for you. As the technology sustains to develop into being furthermore superior, people carry on to utilize it even more for serving themselves in their daily life. Whilst talking about the chores, things such as a dish cleaning machine, the vacuum cleaner, and a cloth steam cleaner are all pleasant to possess.

Though, there is a task that is at the mean time considerably shorter credit to the advancement in technology, which is washing garments. It accustomed to being completed by hand, and it might take several hours. By means of the assistance of a washing machine and dryer for clothes, it is virtually not going to take time in any way. Certainly, it assists to contain nice apparatus to turn this work furthermore simpler. So, purchase a cloth dryer now and present them to the homemaker of your house as the perfect Christmas gift. The top picks are:


LG Ultra Large Capacity Laundry System

This laundry equipment or device is not merely energy competent, but it is moreover unbelievably inventive. By means of 14 diverse wash and dry cycle features and a LED screen to show precisely what is taking place, this washer and dryer combination is ideal for all those who are searching for added high-tech machine. The steaming option on this LG dryer signifies that it is capable of simply taking out wrinkles from the most mulish clothes.

Electrolux Laundry Bundle

With an extremely quick wash and dry periods turn this washer and dryer set ideal for every house. The best ever washing cycle acquires just15 minutes, and the best drying cycle takes merely 14 minutes. This environment-friendly washer and dryer employ considerably fewer energy and water as compared to usual washers and dryers, which turn them a grand purchase for a person who is environmentally aware.

Samsung White Electric Dryer

A tiny sized, good display and a price-effective cost formulate this dryer as a good one for those who are gazing to save some bucks and by means of a minor laundry space. It consists of eight diverse drying cycles so that you might choose the one which is ideal for your laundry. It also contains a few dry sensors, so you may no longer feel the need of checking your laundry regularly to check if it has dried out.

Free Tattoo Design Apps for Android

Tattoos have gained a huge prominence over the years and people are getting inked and their body styled with bold patterns and lines depicting deep inner meaning. Permanent tattoos are inked on the body penetrating through the skin deep. Getting an ugly or meaningless tattoo can cause disgrace to our bodies for a long time and its removal is not an easy choice. Hence, it is advisable to choose the apt design for getting ourselves tattooed. There are quite a few free apps available on Android phones that offer many different tattoo designs for full arm and body styling.

3D tattoo Design

3D tattoo design is a popular Android app that provides you reference to the tattoo you wish to have in a 3D version. It offers a realistic and amazing view of the original tattoo with perfection. You can thus get the 3D touch of your basic tattoo and have a check on it with this Android app.

Tattoos for Men

As the name suggests, tattoos for men is an app on Android phones specially designed for men considering their masculine superiority and traits. The app provides a wide range of collection on tattoos that are best suited for med encircling a focus on Dragon tattoos Tribal representation etc. The Black and grey forms of art combined with Love notes and sexy ink are the unique bids of this app.

Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoo Ideas is a fantastic Android app for all tattoo lovers that offers a plethora of small tattoo design. Getting inked is pretty painful and people often prefer a small symbolic pattern or a cool side tattoo in their first attempt. This app is best suited for such beginners that come with the best and most compatible designs in their minor forms. The app is flooded with more than a 100 designs that is also updated with new ones biweekly or weekly. It is one of the most promising and prominent Android apps to get cool side tattoos and to being with!

Tattoo Your Photo

The app adds the tattoo of to one of your own photo and gives you a clear picture on how it would appear on your body.

Tattoo My Photo Editor

Grab some fun on social media by uploading pictures of your captivating and sizzling tattoos and get an idea with the editor. It simply captures a picture of yours and places the tattoo on it to give you a crystal clear pictorisation.


iPhone 7 – Price Leak!!

Unlike the past, Apple is still keeping the secrecy of the price of iPhone 7, but they can’t able to stop the rumors and leaks over the internet. Whenever there is something that apple would be going to launch, all the internet will go manic about the rumors and leaks. No matter it’s an iPad or an iPhone or iOS, rumors will be there. But somehow rumors also help the Apple to get to know what folks are expecting out of new technology. All these speculations that are made over the internet are everybody’s expectations what Apple could possibly put together in the new products.

Apart from that when we talk about the prices of the iPhone models they would not be really high as from the previous iPhone 6S. As Apple launched the 16 GB of iPhone 6S at 700USD and but this time Apple is giving a base memory storage of 32 GB so it is likely to cost you around 850USD and for 64GB it will valued at 950USD.



And there are premium variants also that Apple would be launching, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro which would be having a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen and dual camera lenses rather than only iPhone 7 would be having 4.7-inch screen and a single lens 12-megapixel camera to shoot 1080p photos. The price for the 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus will be around 950USD and 1050USD for a 128 GB version and for this time giving the phone storage an extra edge Apple would also be launching a 256 GB model with iPhone 7 Plus for 1200USD compared to the price that iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB is available for 1150USD.

I think the marketing and the pricing strategies what Apple is giving away is good to be affordable as it all depends upon the revenue of the year. Manufacturing iPhones would be a great task and also to execute it well in market so it could reach to the consumers.

Overall the features of iPhone 7 would be 4.7 inch display screen, 12-megapixel camera lens to shoot 1080p photos with flash. Improvisation of the antenna bands and a new touch sensitive home button. The processing of this iPhone will work on chipset A10, which Apple has remarked, it would the fastest as possibly ever and would be running on iOS 10. The new iPhone 7 would be having a base storage memory of 32 GB and will be enabled with 2GB of RAM. There is also some new color that Apple has presented is a Blue color with matte finish. The whole body would still remain metallic like the previous devices but still some new features to it.

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5 Perfect ways for a Stress Free Blogging

So you have started your blog and have stepped into the ever-growing blogosphere? If the answer is yes, then I welcome you all to this stressful field. Shocked to know that blogging is stressful? Well, you might be as you joined it by thinking it as the simplest way to make money online. So better to clear your doubts now as there is actually a lot of stress in the field of blogging. But you can minimize that stress and have stress free blogging! Eager to know that how it can be achieved? Then have a look at the tips below.

Schedule Your Work

Making schedule is an important part of every business and so that of blogging. By scheduling your daily tasks, you can complete your work in time and can have a lot of free time to have fun. Well, not only making a perfect schedule, but following it strictly is also important. If you have made a schedule and are not following it properly, then believe me, you have wasted a piece of paper to write down your schedule.


Use Tools To Ease Your Work

A laborer is nothing with his/her tools and similarly blogger is nothing without using blogging related tools. These tools can automate your task and can save lots of your time. And yes, don’t ever forget that Time is Money, either it’s blogging or any field of life.