iPhone 7 – Price Leak!!

Unlike the past, Apple is still keeping the secrecy of the price of iPhone 7, but they can’t able to stop the rumors and leaks over the internet. Whenever there is something that apple would be going to launch, all the internet will go manic about the rumors and leaks. No matter it’s an iPad or an iPhone or iOS, rumors will be there. But somehow rumors also help the Apple to get to know what folks are expecting out of new technology. All these speculations that are made over the internet are everybody’s expectations what Apple could possibly put together in the new products.

Apart from that when we talk about the prices of the iPhone models they would not be really high as from the previous iPhone 6S. As Apple launched the 16 GB of iPhone 6S at 700USD and but this time Apple is giving a base memory storage of 32 GB so it is likely to cost you around 850USD and for 64GB it will valued at 950USD.



And there are premium variants also that Apple would be launching, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro which would be having a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen and dual camera lenses rather than only iPhone 7 would be having 4.7-inch screen and a single lens 12-megapixel camera to shoot 1080p photos. The price for the 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus will be around 950USD and 1050USD for a 128 GB version and for this time giving the phone storage an extra edge Apple would also be launching a 256 GB model with iPhone 7 Plus for 1200USD compared to the price that iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB is available for 1150USD.

I think the marketing and the pricing strategies what Apple is giving away is good to be affordable as it all depends upon the revenue of the year. Manufacturing iPhones would be a great task and also to execute it well in market so it could reach to the consumers.

Overall the features of iPhone 7 would be 4.7 inch display screen, 12-megapixel camera lens to shoot 1080p photos with flash. Improvisation of the antenna bands and a new touch sensitive home button. The processing of this iPhone will work on chipset A10, which Apple has remarked, it would the fastest as possibly ever and would be running on iOS 10. The new iPhone 7 would be having a base storage memory of 32 GB and will be enabled with 2GB of RAM. There is also some new color that Apple has presented is a Blue color with matte finish. The whole body would still remain metallic like the previous devices but still some new features to it.

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