Free Tattoo Design Apps for Android

Tattoos have gained a huge prominence over the years and people are getting inked and their body styled with bold patterns and lines depicting deep inner meaning. Permanent tattoos are inked on the body penetrating through the skin deep. Getting an ugly or meaningless tattoo can cause disgrace to our bodies for a long time and its removal is not an easy choice. Hence, it is advisable to choose the apt design for getting ourselves tattooed. There are quite a few free apps available on Android phones that offer many different tattoo designs for full arm and body styling.

3D tattoo Design

3D tattoo design is a popular Android app that provides you reference to the tattoo you wish to have in a 3D version. It offers a realistic and amazing view of the original tattoo with perfection. You can thus get the 3D touch of your basic tattoo and have a check on it with this Android app.

Tattoos for Men

As the name suggests, tattoos for men is an app on Android phones specially designed for men considering their masculine superiority and traits. The app provides a wide range of collection on tattoos that are best suited for med encircling a focus on Dragon tattoos Tribal representation etc. The Black and grey forms of art combined with Love notes and sexy ink are the unique bids of this app.

Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoo Ideas is a fantastic Android app for all tattoo lovers that offers a plethora of small tattoo design. Getting inked is pretty painful and people often prefer a small symbolic pattern or a cool side tattoo in their first attempt. This app is best suited for such beginners that come with the best and most compatible designs in their minor forms. The app is flooded with more than a 100 designs that is also updated with new ones biweekly or weekly. It is one of the most promising and prominent Android apps to get cool side tattoos and to being with!

Tattoo Your Photo

The app adds the tattoo of to one of your own photo and gives you a clear picture on how it would appear on your body.

Tattoo My Photo Editor

Grab some fun on social media by uploading pictures of your captivating and sizzling tattoos and get an idea with the editor. It simply captures a picture of yours and places the tattoo on it to give you a crystal clear pictorisation.


iPhone 7 – Price Leak!!

Unlike the past, Apple is still keeping the secrecy of the price of iPhone 7, but they can’t able to stop the rumors and leaks over the internet. Whenever there is something that apple would be going to launch, all the internet will go manic about the rumors and leaks. No matter it’s an iPad or an iPhone or iOS, rumors will be there. But somehow rumors also help the Apple to get to know what folks are expecting out of new technology. All these speculations that are made over the internet are everybody’s expectations what Apple could possibly put together in the new products.

Apart from that when we talk about the prices of the iPhone models they would not be really high as from the previous iPhone 6S. As Apple launched the 16 GB of iPhone 6S at 700USD and but this time Apple is giving a base memory storage of 32 GB so it is likely to cost you around 850USD and for 64GB it will valued at 950USD.



And there are premium variants also that Apple would be launching, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro which would be having a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen and dual camera lenses rather than only iPhone 7 would be having 4.7-inch screen and a single lens 12-megapixel camera to shoot 1080p photos. The price for the 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus will be around 950USD and 1050USD for a 128 GB version and for this time giving the phone storage an extra edge Apple would also be launching a 256 GB model with iPhone 7 Plus for 1200USD compared to the price that iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB is available for 1150USD.

I think the marketing and the pricing strategies what Apple is giving away is good to be affordable as it all depends upon the revenue of the year. Manufacturing iPhones would be a great task and also to execute it well in market so it could reach to the consumers.

Overall the features of iPhone 7 would be 4.7 inch display screen, 12-megapixel camera lens to shoot 1080p photos with flash. Improvisation of the antenna bands and a new touch sensitive home button. The processing of this iPhone will work on chipset A10, which Apple has remarked, it would the fastest as possibly ever and would be running on iOS 10. The new iPhone 7 would be having a base storage memory of 32 GB and will be enabled with 2GB of RAM. There is also some new color that Apple has presented is a Blue color with matte finish. The whole body would still remain metallic like the previous devices but still some new features to it.

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5 Perfect ways for a Stress Free Blogging

So you have started your blog and have stepped into the ever-growing blogosphere? If the answer is yes, then I welcome you all to this stressful field. Shocked to know that blogging is stressful? Well, you might be as you joined it by thinking it as the simplest way to make money online. So better to clear your doubts now as there is actually a lot of stress in the field of blogging. But you can minimize that stress and have stress free blogging! Eager to know that how it can be achieved? Then have a look at the tips below.

Schedule Your Work

Making schedule is an important part of every business and so that of blogging. By scheduling your daily tasks, you can complete your work in time and can have a lot of free time to have fun. Well, not only making a perfect schedule, but following it strictly is also important. If you have made a schedule and are not following it properly, then believe me, you have wasted a piece of paper to write down your schedule.


Use Tools To Ease Your Work

A laborer is nothing with his/her tools and similarly blogger is nothing without using blogging related tools. These tools can automate your task and can save lots of your time. And yes, don’t ever forget that Time is Money, either it’s blogging or any field of life.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

It is impossible to use the internet and not be involved in Cloud Computing. If you use the internet, it is highly unlikely that you have not left any trace of your virtual identity. Most websites require a login or an email address. The moment you use email, you are creating various points in third-party servers that stores your data through cloud computing. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this apparently unavoidable mode of computing?



  1. Backup and recovery:Cloud Computing means all your data is stored in the virtual cloud, so there is absolutely no need to keep copies or backup in any physical device like USB Flash drives. Also, most cloud computing services are experts in handling recovery of information, so you never have to worry about lost information again.
  2. Unlimited Storage:You may raise hue and cry over how little internal storage your device allows, but with cloud computing you have gigabytes and gigabytes of space to utilize. You have thousands of third-party servers at your disposal to give you more virtual space to store your data or media.
  3. Easy access to information:It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a cyber café in London, while your personal computer is in New York. With cloud computing, your data will reach you, through the third-party servers or the cloud, no matter where you are.
  4. Cost efficient:Upgrading and maintaining cloud computing is quite inexpensive. In fact, compared to traditional desktop software, it costs a fraction. Moreover, if you wish the computer to be available for multiple users, the licensing will require further investment. With cloud computing you need not worry about anything like that. There are numerous one-time-payment and pay-as-you-go options that you can choose from.


  1. Technical issues:With cloud computing, you have numerous servers connected to give you access to all the data. This involvement of numerous devices is a weak link in the chain because if any one fails, the whole system will fail. You need all the information at your data center in order to decrypt the encrypted data.
  2. Security concerns:We are always wary of sharing personal or vital business information over the internet. Everyone is worried about their data going astray, and rightfully so. There has never been dearth of information leak since the inception of internet. Cloud computing makes your data, albeit encrypted, available in geographically obscure locations. This is bound to leave more than a few users nervous.
  3. Prone to attack:Attacks are possible at all checkpoints of internet. Hackers are always at the ready. As cloud computing makes endpoint security very weak, hackers can easily target it. This is also one of the main reasons why a lot of users don’t necessarily jump at the opportunity of availing cloud computing.

On the scale of benefits and drawbacks, Cloud Computing decisively has more pros than cons. Moreover, the security concerns and technical issues are minimal or negligible if you are using one of the largest Cloud computing services.